"Dear Customers and Partners in Logistics, I am delighted that Joppa Logistics will be celebrating 20 years of business on 19 April.

We have, since our humble beginnings, patiently navigated our way through the logistics market, and now I dare say that we have succeeded. We have built a strong and credible shipping company. We have also become important to many companies from various industries from the perspective of handling their product shipping solutions.

At New Year, we toasted each other and expressed our wish for 2020 to be even more successful than the year before. We had plenty of ideas back then as how to celebrate our jubilee. Unfortunately, instead of these pleasant concerns we are facing a very difficult situation, one that affects us all. I hope for the sake of all our customers and partners in logistics that the impacts of the pandemic are as small as possible. We, the Joppa Logistics team, are ready to continue in our support of your shipping and logistics matters.“

Josef Drozdík
Managing Director of the Company

Joppa Logistics 20 let výročí