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International road transport

We offer the international transport within as well as outside the European Union in regular intervals or in individually agreed terms. We arrange comprehensive transport services from a sender to a receiver, including the settlement of customs clearance, local distributions or other services. The transport of hazardous materials (ADR) and transport in refrigerated vehicles (frigos) is a matter of fact. We deliver goods in the shortest and fastest possible way. Just let us know your required delivery term and we will arrange everything.

We focus on the personal attitude to our clients therefore our dispatchers are available to you almost 24 hours daily. We will provide you also with the information on the transport process and on the place where your consignment is currently located.

Truck transport across Europe and all over the world
Full truck loads and less than truck loads

  • Suitable solution for consignments of bigger measures
  • Daily departures to all destinations (import and export)
  • Parcel and single consignments without any reloading

Collection service to any place in Europe
Regular departures of collecting vehicles

  • The most economical way of transport
  • Regular departures within the entire week
  • Suitable for small cargos

Sea shipping to all harbors

  • The cheapest solution for transport of larger cargos at long distances
  • We transport goods from/to any harbor in the world and ensure the subsequent distribution in the given country
  • We use usually 20 ft and 40 ft containers but we are able to arrange also non-standard containers with a high cube or open top

Air transport all over the world

  • Suitable solution for transport of consignments from c. 50 to 500 kg all over the world
  • We deliver goods from/to any airports and ensure the local distribution of consignments

Customs clearance services

Thanks to our qualified customs agents we are able to offer our customers comprehensive customs services. We are experienced in the EU Customs Code, customs tariffs as well as Intrastat. We will ensure for you also regular statements and reporting of any possible changes and corrections to the appropriate customs offices or to the Directorate-General for Customs.

  • Issue of the required documents (JSD, JSDd, DCH, DCHd, T1, T2)
  • Completion of the required documents (CMR, EUR1, Carnet, TIR, ATA Carnet)
  • Representation of our customers in customs proceedings
  • Keeping of the agenda in so-called economic modes
  • Representation of our customers in the INTRASTAT system (statistical system for monitoring the flows of goods between the European Union member countries)


We will ensure for you the additional insurance up to any amount of the value of goods. If you are interested, please contact us and we will let you know the individual price.

  • Additional insurance for international transport up to EUR 10 000 is CZK 200
  • Additional insurance for domestic transport up to EUR 7 500 is CZK 80
  • We are holders of the sender´s liability insurance up to CZK 7 000 000

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