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We transport small consignments as well as oversized cargos in terms of the domestic goods transport. We transport all types of materials and goods, including hazardous materials (ADR) and goods requiring to be transported in refrigerated vehicles (frigos). We dispose also of vehicles with a hydraulic front, thus, we are able to load and unload goods practically everywhere.

We have our own storage premises and are able to provide you with made-to-measure logistics solutions for your projects. We will ensure not only import and export but also storage services and domestic distribution of goods. Though you do not fill the whole truck, we will always offer you low prices thanks to our load-sharing system.

  • Fast and reliable transport of consignments across the Czech Republic
  • Distribution of single consignments as well as full trucks
  • From-house-to-house delivery, cash on delivery
  • Delivery of consignments usually within 24 hours
  • We ensure also one-time and regular transportations
  • We are able to provide you with additional insurance for your consignments
  • Our dispatchers are available 24 hours daily
  • Information on the transport process and the place where your consignment is currently located


Because our vehicles are insured and we are holders of the sender´s liability insurance up to CZK 7 000 000, we are able protect your consignments.

  • We may ensure the additional insurance of your cargo up to any amount of the value of goods
  • Additional insurance for domestic transport up to EUR 7 500 is CZK 80

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