Inquiry form

For our regular customers and for potential new customers, we have prepared a new service in the form of an inquiry form, which is always in the top right corner of our website (next to the email address and phone numbers). It is an additional service through which you can reach out to us with your inquiry for a domestic or international shipment of a consignment.

The form has a user design that clearly guides the inquiring person to fill in the mandatory fields (customer identification, loading and unloading details, and freight specification) needed by the dispatcher to quickly price the shipment required. After it is sent, our managing clerk will soon contact you with a non-binding price offer.

Do not confuse the inquiry form with the existing quick contact, which is intended more for your objections and comments.

Tell us your current shipment requirements through the inquiry form, and we will take care of the transport. For every inquiry, we put an emphasis on a personal approach towards clients, and our specific managing clerk will always deal with you in the matter of transport.

Poptávkový formulář