Did you know that, among other activities, we support two amateur football clubs in Brno?

If you are a fan or a member of FC Slovan Brno (in the competition Class I.A of the South Moravian Region) and FC DOSTA Bystrc - Kníničky (participant of the Regional Championship of the South Moravian Region), then you know that we belong to the partners of these sports teams. By the way, the football enthusiasts may remember the work of the DOSTA Bystrc - Kníničky team in the second and third Czech football competitions in the 2003-2010 seasons.

Our support is focused on the members of both teams, especially the on the young. After all, both clubs together take care of more than 100 children not only in their sports development but they also co-create their personality.

We wish both teams and their members a lot of sporting success.

FC Slovan Brno logo, DOSTA Bystrc – Kníničky logo