We recently introduced you to regular groupage lines for France, Spain, Greece and Malta. It is now the turn of Poland, which is one of the most important trading partners to the Czech Republic. We offer a groupage service through a Polish partner that has for 35 years now been providing truckload shipments, less-than-truckload shipments, and groupage services and that currently has a network of depots all over Poland.

You can also now send your inquiries to a new e-mail address:

A groupage truck between Brno and Jaworzno (Katowice area) will regularly depart on Tuesday and Thursday, both for imports and exports. Distribution is done every day. Your goods will be delivered after a minimum of 2 days, depending on the destination. We are also able to offer the shipping of dangerous goods (ADR) and to additionally insure your cargo as part of our groupage service.

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