We help - NF Krtek and FOD

At the company headquarters and across the branches, we organized a voluntary charity collection in favour of the Endowment Fund of Paediatric Oncology KRTEK. As a result, we are able donate the collection takings in the amount of CZK 45,000 to the endowment fund. We are convinced that our contribution will help, and great thanks belong to everyone who contributed to the collection.

The Endowment Fund of Paediatric Oncology KRTEK supports the work of doctors and health professionals from the Clinic of Paediatric Oncology of University Hospital Brno. The main priority is to improve the quality of the stay of hospitalized children in hospitals and make it more pleasant, provide care throughout the duration of treatment, and to provide help in coping with its consequences.

The management of the company also contributed CZK 6,000 to the Fund for Children at Risk (Klokánek). This non-profit organization focuses on helping abused, neglected, exploited, and abandoned children or children threatened by other social risks.

Nadační fond Krtek